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Dear Students,

Congratulations for successfully completing the previous session. You have done us proud!!! As you venture forth into the new academic session, I wish you all the best for all your endeavors.

This time again, gear up, set your school bag, keep your aspirations high and step into the new class with a determination to learn something new, remember what you have learnt and give your best. Be responsible for your actions and known your commitment towards society and humanity at large. Explore the ample opportunities and never hesitate from participating.

It is always 'your' school, so make the most of it. Enjoy your stay, imbibe the Arya Samaj principles, benefit from the IT enabled classrooms, learn from the concept teaching, practice it in your life, devour the wide library, experiment in the labs, hone your talents by participating in the co-curricular activities, come out stronger by playing various sports and thus be pride of your parents and school.

I and your teachers are here to guide you and lead you from ignorance to light. We will motivate you, encourage you and inspire you so that you have all the necessary impetus to learn and excel.

Education enlightens your soul and hard work fuels your passion. An educated and knowledgeable person creates opportunities for himself, even when these are not present while others keep waiting for right opportunities to arrive.

You are capable, you are intelligent, you are brimming with vitality and enthusiasm, so let not the challenges dwindle your spirit.

You don't fail when you fall but you fail when you don't get up

So, don't be logged down by troubles just remember that challenges make you stronger.

We along with your parents share the same dream - See you as competent and successful human beings. It is my humble request to all students, "Express your feelings, share your sorrows, discuss your problems and communicate your aspirations to your parents and teachers. We are always with you in all walks of life. We will understand you no matter how difficult or different your thoughts will be."

We believe it is pertinent to switch roles from being a mentor or a guardian to a counsellor and best to lead by example. It is also my earnest appeal to the parents to share  their ward's performance, habits, status and problems in the school as it will help us understand your ward better.

Sky is the limit for you. You are the KOHINOOR of DAV and always do us proud. Enjoy this academic session to the core, explore the opportunities, broaden your horizons, create your success stories and shine the brightest.

Keep on Aspiring, Acting & Achieving.

Ritu Dilbagi




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