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 Making a difference to Education , So that education can make a difference to world.

Present times demand such an approach and policies on part of educators and institutions which transcend the barriers and boundaries and have cross – cultural approach , which help make the students thinkers ,  concerned for global issues like global warming , pollution , unemployment , poverty and the pandemics like corona (COVID-19) .Our school has always strived to impart such an education to our students which not only prepares them to compete in the world but makes them a better social being too. The role of school has never been and should never be to molly coddle students. Of course, keeping students physically safe is our responsibility too , but it comes after providing them a safe and secure environment where they learn to push boundaries within reason . To accomplish the motive of providing quality education to our learners, they are taught how to analyze, think critically, find information and sift it after discussion. We believe that school is a shared platform for students ,parents ,teacher and administrators alike. Teachers play myriad roles- a guide, a coach, a demonstrator ,a  counselor, afriend and a facilitator. So the committed team of well qualified and dynamic teachers is always eager ,willing and prepared to win any uphill task. May it be utilizing these otherwise crucial times of living in isolations where keeping “Social distancing” in mind we are taking care of not to be at a distance from our students. Through Virtual e-lessons, subject material is made available to our learners. But without parents' commitment & engagement it is not possible to unleash the real potential of a child .
            We hope to come back to mainstream soon. We pray and wish for the well being of DAV Familia & The Global Family too.



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HARYANA - 132105
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Ph: 0180-2566160
 DAV Thermal, Panipat, Haryana, India

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