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The kindergarten section with the children of 4 to 5+ years on its rolls provides maternal care and a sound educational influence, so essential during this stage to acquaint the child with a language that he/ she is going to adopt as a medium of expression in higher classes, laying emphasis on 'pronunciation'. More stress is laid on 'Oral Work' to sharpen the memory of the child and correct his pronunciation. A little writing work is also done to provide stability and control in the movement of hands. They are properly and carefully guided by the trained teachers to learn mixing with others, share their things and accept the discipline as a part of life. They are also conserved with Table-manners during the 'lunch Period' Education during this stage is mostly provided through play way method with the help of Toys, Models, Play equipments, Flash Cards and other audio-visual aids and through interesting varied and stimulating activities. The Children are given full opportunities to unfold their talents and potentialities in creative self-expression.