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Each student is placed in one of the four houses. Name of the houses are Dayanand House, Gandhi House, Tagore House and Vivekanand House. A member of the staff assisted by several other teachers (Tutors) act as the House Mistress. Points are awarded to the House throughout the year for co-curricular activities through Inter House Competitions in Sports, Debates, Quiz, Art & Music and for different activities. At the end of the academic session, the House gaining the highest points is awarded the running trophy.

The aim of the House System is:

  • To inculcate and develop the qualities of Leadership
  • To promote Public Speaking
  • To promote welfare of the students
  • To promote better students-teacher relationship.
  • To furnish citizenship training.
  • To encourage self-discipline.
  • To foster self-discipline
  • To impart training in the skills of management, leadership and participation.
  • The Houses perform the following duties in rotation
  • To manage and organise the morning assembly.
  • To explain the thought in a short speech in assembly.
  • To ensure that every student attends the assembly.
  • To help in maintaining the order during the recess.
  • To supervise water arrangements.
  • To look after the general cleanliness & behaviour. To check the students uniform.




Head Girl                                                                                             Head Boy

House Captain                                                                                   Vice Captain

House Sports Captain                                                                     Vice Sports Captain

House Co-curricular Captain                                                        Vice Co-curricular Captain

House Discipline Captain                                                               Vice Discipline Captain

House Language Captain                                                              Vice Language Captain

House Appointments 2017-18

House Appintments

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