D.A.V. Public School
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Housed on the ground floor in Administrative block is the Huge School Library that comprises:Fiction to enrich students’ experience of reading. Non-Fiction books for general interest or to aid students’ curriculum work.Reference Books including Encyclopedias and Atlas; Dictionaries; Newspapers and Magazines.The Selection of books and resources reflects the school commitment to provide material which is accessible to all students & which promotes positive values and attitudes by selection, evaluation and rejection of material




  1.   Students are expected to take care of the library books. Writing or marking on a book is strictly forbidden. Damages/loss of books while in possession of the student will have to be made good by the student in whose name the book has been issued.
  2. Books must be returned before the holidays.
  3. Students are allowed to borrow only one book at a time.
  4. Books may be reissued on request, if there is no demand by others.
  5. Failure to return a book in time shall render the borrower liable to a fine of Rs. 5/daily from the date when the book was due.
  6. If any book is torn, damaged or lost the borrower will replace the book or pay its cost + Rs.50.
  7. Students are not allowed to bring personal books in library.

      8. Books maybe issued for a period not exceeding seven days.


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