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Event Start Date : 01/01/2018 Event End Date 07/01/2018

NSS CAMP 1 January 2018 TO 7 January 2018

January 1, 2018

#New year Celebrations#
The dawn of New Year started with the auspicious chantings of Vedic mantras at our school,under the banner of NSS ,so as to spread harmonious ,positive vibes all around.Coming week is going to buzz with a lot of activities as initiated by NSS unit of our school,to instill feelings of societal welfare and co-operation.


January 2, 2018

#Visit To Old Age Home 
Our elders are the axis of our lives who keep the cycle of life rotating by connecting the modern generation to their roots.But the ever increasing materialistic approach has given birth to the concept of Old Age Homes ,where the destitute and abandoned old members of our society live a secluded life.To make our young generation understand their value and realise that in this fast paced life where we are hardly giving a thought to spend time with our senior cituzens, it is the need of hour to be compassionate.The NSS unit of our school visited one such Old Age Home on January 2,2018 ,spent fun-filled time with the elderly fellows,played games with them & shared their life - lessons.Spreading a smile is the most beautiful attribute.
A day well spent it was.


January 3, 2018

#Cloth Distribution 
The week long NSS camp that is being organised in our school by NSS unit, is covering a variety of social welfare activities.On January 3,2018 our NSS volunteers went to slum areas and distributed warm clothes,sweaters & blankets etc. to the ill-fated & half -clad people of our society.Such activities help instill the feelings of co-operation & kindness among the youngsters.


January 4, 2018

#First Aid Demonstration
The NSS Volunteers of our school got enriched by learning many first-aid activities in case of bleeding, fracture,nose- bleed,how to perform CPR in case the heartbeat and breathing stops,snake -bite,choking, poisioning,drowning & electric shock.Preparing the Samaritans to impart a helping hand to the needy.


January 5, 2018

#Rally On Swachchta Abhiyan & Beti Padhao-Beti Bachao 
January 5,2018 the NSS volunteers of our school made people aware about two very important issues of present times in India namely :-Cleanliness & Girl Child Education & safety by carrying out a demonstration in nearby areas.Trying to raise thoughtful future stake-holders of society, we are carrying out all these activities.


January 6, 2018

#Traffic Awareness
To create an awareness among young learners themselves ,a traffic awareness drive was carried out by NSS unit of our school on January 6,2018 in traffic - congested areas.NSS volunteers presented all those violaters, who were riding without helmets or fastening safety belts,with a rose bud & a message to reach home safe , as they're awaited by their families.


January 7, 2018

#Closing of NSS Camp#
Our institution, which has always been a pioneer in shaping youngsters into ideal beings bestowed with moral and cultural values , utilised Sunday, Jan 7, 2018, which is normally synonymous as fun-day in closing of Seven days' NSS camp. Keeping alive Vedic culture, the day began with *Hawan* under supervision of Mr. Rajeev and followed with *Lecture on Moral Values* by Mr. Shishpal, moral education teacher. Then a group of students along with their teachers, Mr. Chitra Kumar and Ms. Archana Dureja visited *Blind School*, a recognised unit being run under Haryana Govt . Spending precious moments with destitutes in distribution of fruits among them instilled a sense of empathy in students. *Cleanliness Drive* in campus and surrounding areas under Mr. Shishpal,Head
of NSS,created awareness about clean environment, as need of the hour. The camp which enthused the students with feelings of awareness, empathy and values closed with a promise of commitment towards society by cherishing these qualities. It provided a life long and immemorable experience to our youngsters.